🌟Light of Angels-Renate Lettner e.U ⚜️⭐️🌟Loving to see you at ny Cristalllight

⚜️Divine Art for your Soul!

        ⚜️⭐️Art of Summer⚜️⭐️           

Feel the divine Energy of Art !

Crystal Flowers & Jewellry ! 

Many great activity 

are wait for you ✨

Loving to see you !✨

✨Light of Angels-AngelSpagyrik

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Create in loving Handy craft Art

 Divine Brand Nature Products

Crystal Flowers Jewelry& Art



⚜️Cristalllight ✨⭐️⚜️

✨⭐️⚜️Art of Academy

Find your great infinity💕love

of purpose at your Seminar!⭐️



⚜️⭐️Light of Angels ✨⚜️🌟

Divine Canneling⚜️✨⭐️

Message & Reading from 

your Angel & Spirit!

Angel Messages Lightcodes

Stargates & Divine Portals!


⚜️Light of Angels✨🌟⭐️

✨🌟Divine Angel Post⭐️⚜️🌟

Write a  letter to your Angel

I bring your letter back !

Tell me now ! How can I help ?


Magic Crystalllight⚜️⭐️🌟

It`s my Life Moment ´s !

⚜️⭐️The divine Ancient Healing

Light of Angels is a great,divine

primordial, infinity love of light !

A natural healing light process

with Crystal Flower & Energy

to work at Angel Spagyrik !    


 ⚜️It´s my purpouse 

  to creat in loving handwork

  my magic loving natur 


  with Angels & Bei

  at my brand

⚜️⭐️natur select products, 

 in quantic cell vibration !   

⚜️  To heal your body & soul 

        with divine, infinity, 

        harmony, unable, love in

        divine energy !⚜️⭐️🌟  

✨🌟It`s my divine Passion !

     ✨Light of Angel`s 



Angel Spagyrik 

is in all the natural, essential, energy

moon cycle,

divine handy craft

brand products,

create with infinity love !


⚜️I can help you with


⚜️⭐️Angel Spagyrik products

⚜️Medial Art Work

⚜️Painting  Seal Pictures & Candle

⚜️✨Healing Crystal Jewelry

⚜️✨Angel  Work

⚜️✨Ancient Healing Light


 Tell me now !

 What do yo need?


 ⚜️🌟Now the divine infinity

            golden Angellight

            of uncontinal love 

            is irising, lightening

            in the great ⚜️⭐️✨

            Light of Bei

          to your soul !


⚜️🌟Your Message from Light of Angels

👍🌟⚜️Smoke Tasting -Holy Flowers & Plants

🌟Creat your own healthy Angel Smoge Bowl

✋🌟Engel Räucher Kugel 

      von Liebe in Hand gemacht!


Genieße die sinnlichen Düfte.!

Lerne Sie kennen &

creiere deine Lieblings Duftnote

mit Crystals,  Pflanzen, 

Kräutern & Harzen 

zu magischen Räucher Kugeln, 

Kegeln & Kerzen 

für Ruhe & Harmonie

für deine magichen Momente !


🌟✨denn Magie beginnt in Dir !

Order jetzt deinen Termin !🌟