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Medial Art


 Angel´s school







Light of Angels - Angel Spagyrik

Pure Nature !

 Vital & Fit with Ancient Healing Light of Angels

Let it be the rainbow of your life !

Inspiration, healing Cristal & Flowers......             

 Be happy, to see you !

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Angel Spagyrik


Ancient Healing Light

Lumina spiritual cosmic Light

Great primordial Angel teaching

Natural healing process of crystal

Angel Spagyrik the loving quality work

bring Natural fine cell vibration

selected plant enzymes, minerals,

crystals & metal !



Your sensitive healing Beauty Line !

Serum& Face Tonik!

Quint Essence & Quint Oil !

Cristal Salt & Peel Mask !

Aura Spray & Holy !


This is my Passion !


Light of Angel`s

Natural Essential

Angel Spagyrik

Moon  products


Angel´s Art

Medial Art

Angel Jewelry

Real handmade

at my Designs


 Lovely Energy

 come to you

at the unable love

from the spiritual world!



Ancient Healing Light of Angels

It"s my Mission !

   Ancient Healing Light of Angels is the great work

    with the Light Angels since beginning

     all the live at the universe !

    For help ever with the famous,

    Spiritual World of the Great

    Light of the Angels,

    with there reading, channeling,

    Shaman Work , writing & building

    Painting medial Art Work Seal Pictures,

    Star sheed, Code, Star gate & Runes !

    Too give unable love of  the Angel Light

    all for healing the world !

   For you, your family, flowers & pets !

   It´s my mission ! To help

  Light of Angels  - Renate Lettner e.U.

Nature of Angel !

Find Your Passion !