Light of Angels Lovely Guardian !

Guardian Angel

Essence & Spray

Oil & Salt

Tea & Flowers

Divine Holy

Guardian Angel






Divine Guardian Angel!

Guardians of kids !!


  The Guardian with the divine energy,

  is a great imaginary friend

  for kids !

To tell him every worse & pain,

play with him fantastic plays !

To be happy & laugh about there secrets !

 The Guardian is a great saver &

heart comforter & they stay up the birth the long way of life with them !

So stay with your child !


Order a divine  personal

Angel amulet for your child !


A personal Guardian Angel Essence

& Oil help too sleep well !


If you want to pray with your Guardian you can order a handmade painted Angel Candle !

Want you order an angel like hour,

 to learn to channel with your Guardian Angel !

Please, make an appointment !

Guardian Prayer !

 Angel Whispered !


Tell your Guardian

what ever you want,

what touch your heart !

Little guardian, were ate you ?

Come to me !

I can`t sleep !

I`having trouble in my head !

Ah, oh you are there!

Psst..... be quiet !

I will tell you a secret ......

Do you know .......something

great is padded today !

Tell your Guardian what is in your heart !

Soft they hold you in there arms,

with there feather soft wings !

It`s time to sleep now, to dream softly !

Guardian Prayer ! !

Psst !!!

Be quiet now !

I´m here, with you !

Close your eyes & sleep soft !

Have luck in your heart !

A laugh in your face !

I be happy, with you !

Thank you, my Guardian !

Lovely Guardian, softly fly

with me & hold me in your soft wings!

Bring me to the land of dreams, stay with me!

Sleep well, loving Guardian, be saved!

I love you all the time !!


Yesuah Child  ! 

Loving Guardian °


Yesuah come to me,

may a from child of me !

My heart is clean !

Let nobody in it !

Protect my mum & dad  !

Thank you Guardian !