Engel Wissen

 Engel -

Lichtwesen !


 Engel sind etwas besonderes, kostbares in ihrer feinschwingenden Energie !

Cosmische, himmlische Wesen verbunden mit der Urkraft der Universums


Ihre Energie ist fein, zart & rein, kann aber genauso bestimmend zu dir sein & dir einen kosmischen, liebevollen Schupps geben.


 Als Hüter, Weise , Schützer &  Beschützer 

die Botschafter des Lichts &  des   Universums.

Ihr oft scheinbar bizarres, aber auch strahlendes, schillerndes, grelles FarbSchwingungEngelLicht durchflutet dich in deinem Sein &

dringt ganz nah durch zu dir, zu dir & deiner Seele des himmlischen Lichts!


Trau dir so zu sein wie die Engel , so unschuldig & rein &

lebe dein Leben in all deinem Licht, im warmen Lichtschein des Herzen!

Und manchmal ist es gar nicht so leicht! So zu sein wie du bist !

Dann horch in dein Herz  & vertrau deinem Engel & Dir !           

Brauchst du dabei Hilfe, so wend dich an mich!

Deinen Engel des Herzens, ich steht gewiss dann bei dir ! 


 Cristall Licht Kid`s come on please wake up !


It´s really time to find your essence,

you are the angels of the soul and of the life !

Look deeply in your heart and your soul and let it be, the power of peace and love in your soul and your life, the life of all the peoples all over the universe, like you !

You are the Love Present, who send the universe to help the Earts, the children and the animals to become free and harmony in there life !


You re a Light Worker of the heart and the soul !


Beautifull Cristall -Colours and eplosenLights

flamms of the unverse !

You was born, one of the ligth of the universe !

Cristall Kids are Light Worker whith a really feme and carry soul, since the was born,

with stranges of inner disire of expanding Ligth.

The had many Feels of Knowledge, Freedom. Power of Love,Seeing, Hearing and Feeling to the Earth, the Humana and the Animals of theWorld

It`s there Mission to Feel and Help !

The can carry with all the seeds for fast spirituall awakening.

The are very old souls! 


The are experience, they gained the lesrnd lessons during there past lifes.

The are born as Human and caught in the circle of kapmic of the life.So the experence ans explore all forms of the confusion turmoll and illusion which excist in the human life !

The did this order as a fully comprehend, theMother Earth, expirience!

So the thus all the posses of tools to help others !

To guide humans on there lonly way towards reaching true bliss and enlightenments.

Sinth a Baby or a child the feel the difference,so the feel them allenated, lonley and not understood !

Thues the find there own part in the life despite social or religions patterns.

They have really a deep sense of justice and order of guides and so theire own code of values which they instinctivally carry inside, since your life.

Light worker , Cristall KiD`s feel drawn to help all the time .They take many pleasure from giving than from recciving and terrestrial light spheres, so the feel like an unexplainable nostalgia for these spheres and connected to the spiritually side of there life.The consciously or not carry inside memorials

of non terrestrial light sphres.

The are really deeply hohor life!

The damage all the life of the animals and the humans o elements or vegetal.

So the Cristall Kid`s createwithin there hearts and there soul a real feeling of painfull less and sorrow.

The are often unable to deal with there aggressions and so the hardly must learn to defend themselves. The many seen the distracted naiveand profoundly idealistic and very easily carpture the emotions.

At this momemts of solitaty are very important to order the distringtish others feelings from there own.

So the recconect with Mother Earth Lady Gaia!

Many years the have lived on the Earth as nons,monks,shamans,hermets,psychics.

wiches or priests...............

The Cristall Kid`s provited to get a bridge between the visible and the unvisible and so that was very often rejected because of that.

The deep traumas of they really  persecutins left very, very deep marks in the memory of there souls.

This caused an unconsious fear of expressing who!

And you, where are you ?

Do you feel yourselve in this !


Than it`s time to wake up !

To live the essense your life !

To feel deeper in your own soul !

Feele deeper in yur heart and let it be !

The really pure, universell essence of your

Peace ,Harmony and Love in yor life and your heart !

Be and stay as a Light Worker !

Be and stay as your Angel of you !


Bei unseren CristallAngelEssencen haben wir eigens einen CristallAngelAuraSprüher

CRISTALLKIDSANGEL kreiert, der euch liebe LichtCristallKinder nterstützen möchte !

Bei uns im CristallAngelShop erhältlich !

Habt Vertrauen in euch & eure Fähigkeiten !

Namaste, eure Engel mögen euch beschützen auf euren besonderen Weg !